6 Ways to Rodent-Proof Your Home

rodent control

One of the most common pests in Singapore are Rodents, mainly Rattus norvegicus (Sewer Rat), Roof Rats and Mus musculus (House Mouse). 

Rodents pose a high health risk knowing to spread more than 35 diseases through their faeces, saliva and urine. Protecting your home and family from these harmful pests is extremely essential. Should you discover a rodent infestation in your premises, engage a profession pest control company immediately to eliminate and control this infestation. 

These are 6 ways you can protect your home and family from these harmful pests.

1. Check food storage areas

It’s easy to forget about the stored food items in your home, but rodents sure haven’t forgotten about them and can easily find them, chewing into food with soft packaging. Ensuring that your cupboards and other storage areas are properly organised and inspected is an important step in rodent prevention.

  • Store dry food or pet food in glass, metal or tougher plastic containers with sealed lids. These will be tougher to chew through.
  • Raise food storage items off the ground.
  • Properly seal any seasonal storage items to prevent rodent nesting.
  • Avoid using cardboard boxes that can easily be accessed.

2. Indoor inspection & tidying

Rodents are definitely not the ideal guests to invite into your homes. Indoor settings need to be tidied and cleaned regularly to prevent any form of rodent nesting and infestation. 

Rooms, closets and cluttered areas need to be checked and inspected regularly for any rodent droppings or chewed off materials. 

Holes and cracks in walls need to be patched up should there be any access point for any type of pest to enter your home. These are some other preventive measures you can adopt:

  • Regularly sanitise countertops and keep them clear of food
  • Do not leave uncovered glasses of water out overnight 
  • Keep rubbish bags and dustbins clean and covered
  • Regular cleaning of areas that collect moisture

3. Outdoor maintenance

As important as your indoor premises, outdoor areas within your premises need to be kept clean and inspected regularly. Outdoor areas are the first “step” for rodents to gain entry your home. 

At times, even though you’ve kept the inside of your home clean, these pests could be attracted to something outside your home which then leads to an infestation indoors and outdoors. 

 These are some preventive measures you can adopt for outdoor areas:

  •  Regularly trim overgrown vegetation and lawn to prevent hiding spots for rodents.
  • Clean up any pet food, food droppings or fallen fruit in your garden or yard.
  • Remove any unused outdoor equipment and debris.
  • Keep roof gutter clean and free of leaves and decompositions. 

4. Seal Common Access Points

Fun fact.. did you know, rats can squeeze through ½  inch openings and mice can squeeze through ¼ inch openings? We don’t know how that’s possible, but they’re able to!

The best ways to keep rodents from entering your premises is to make it impossible for them to gain entry. Inspect common rodent entering points. Gaps at the bottom of doors provide rodents an easy access into your premises. 

These are some preventive measures you can adopt:

  • Repair and seal all cracks and gaps in walls and in your basement (if you have one).
  • Caulk holes even minor ones that lead to any appliances – rodents love chewing on wires.
  • You can get caulk from your nearest hardware or home improvement shop or order online.


5. Inspect for any rodent burrows

When it comes to dwelling habits, you can easily spot a rodent burrow outside your home or in your surrounding outdoor areas. The entrance of the borrow has a diameter of 2 – 4 inches in diameter and has a depth to it. Should you spot one or more of these burrows, call a pest control expert immediately. Refrain from aggravating the burrows or meddling with it.

rodent burrows
6. Regular Rodent Inspection

We typically recommend having a monthly or bi-monthly inspection scheduled to ensure that your premises is rodent free, specially for landed property owners. At Wipeout Pest Control Services Pte Ltd, we offer one-time inspections with 3 days re-inspection or a monthly / bi-monthly inspection. 

Let’s work together to keep your home rodent free!

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